Get out!

I know what you are thinking … is she being rude?


I recently discovered something. With all the rain and indoor work on, a free spirit like myself needs to get out and do something different. If not to inspire, then to relax.


Imagination can be sourced anywhere, even in a blank wall to wall white room (which by the way Β was good enough for Stephen King). But sometimes we just have to get out and do something different. Live a little. Explore our natural surroundings.

I walked to the office the other day huffing and puffing (not because I was out of breath) but because I didn’t want to be stuck in time, caged indoors. I wanted to live and feel free.

Lunch time came and by a spontaneous decision I decided to go for a walk around the natural surroundings and tourist attractions my great city offers. Time was limited, but with the cool breeze, the incredible views and the action that I was able to live the life I want, changed my whole outlook for the rest of the day. No longer did I feel trapped, I just had to get out.

I urge to do the same, try to explore one new location today, even if you only have a short time. It will change your day!



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