My dream chasing journey


Woot woot! I am so excited to be apart of the Best Australian Blogs 2013 Competition, the second time running!

Hosted by the Australian Writers’ Centre, I am excited and honoured to have my blogΒ be apart of the fun!

My blog is about my journey as a dream chaser in solely earning an income from writing. It’s still a path I am currently working towards and have achieved so much already. I have come a long way but I am so excited to continue this amazing journey.

As they say its not just the destination. The journey itself has taught me so much about my values and self confidence and my determination to never give up!! Is really the key. As well as the continual need for imaginative and creative ideas to keep content fresh.

I am so excited to have you go on this journey with me and hope that in some way I can touch your life and help you gain the confidence to chase your dreams.

Remember if you don’t succeed once, try a different way the second time and if you still don’t have it by the 456th go – keep trying, you may just need that one moreΒ try to get it!


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