Time and planning

It all seems a bit too restricting and organised for a free spirit, but what I have found when it comes to writing is toΒ have a plan that you work on a piece of writing each day. Write at the same time every day. Keep track of how far you have travelled (once you reach halfway) and use time to your advantage. I can hear you know, yeah, yeah I know this. Yes so do I. But I only really started this a month ago when editing my second novel, Destiny Lane. The difference – I knew I had one solid hour to write, restructure and edit five pages at midday. My next thirty minutes is used to promote my other published works and brainstorm new opportunities.

The result – every day, at noon, I became more and more focussed. More determined to work through Destiny Lane and witness how exciting this new story is. Every day, I became closer and closer to the end result while I loved every step of the way. My mind and body knew when midday arrived, head down, pen up and write. Everything flowed, no writers block, no obstacles. The world knew this was my time or perhaps I was just not making any excuses to not let myself reach my goal.

People tell me all the time, I do not know how you get so much done. The truth is, before my one-two hour time to write, I know exactly what three tasks that I need to complete during that time. I know how much time each task should take so I do not plan any more tasks during that time. Why? Because I will get disappointed and anxious the tasks are not done. I used to write lists that were so long, not even over a six month period could I have finished those tasks. Why set oneself up for disappointment? Lists are great, but suffocating yourself with endless tasks will only have you feeling drained and depressed. Stop writing lists and focus on three important tasks during your time dedicated to achieving your goal every day and feel the satisfaction of seeing the progress you make as well as feeling focussed on what you really need to do.

Of course this doesn’t apply to just writing, it could be any daily task or project you are wanting to complete. Good luck xo



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