Find that ‘buzz’ in your day

Before you start picturing this story to be about a buzzing bee consider this, find that something in your day that makes you jump for joy, literally has you smiling from ear to ear and maybe you will dance a little happy dance after it all. You can feel that buzz for life, any time, however many times during every day. The catch is you have to do something you love, even if its only for a short period of time, every day.

Image sourced by the talented

Image sourced by the talented

Here’s an example,
I have two hours twice a day I can write, promote and brainstorm for new ideas. During this time I am 100% focussed as I know exactly what I need to do within the time period to get one step closer to achieving my goal.

I go to bed late and wake up early (not because I want to) and feel like a zombie for four hours until I get my dedicated time to write. Once I see what I have achieved I feel that awesome, life-changing buzz in life. I am on a natural high. My energy boost kicks in for another 3-5 hours at which point I will do one small act in a short period of time that really challenges me to further heights with my writing. This buzz of achieving something that is just a small action makes a huge difference to my confidence and that feeling of zest and having everything come together to making my dreams come true pulsing through my veins.

Image sourced from

Image sourced from

My energy still is high for the remainder of the day and at the end of the day when all is quiet I do one more task towards achieving my dream, check the time as my eyes begin to close and know I have achieved everything I wanted to for the day.

A new day begins and the zombie awakes again … but not tomorrow, tomorrow I am going to do one small act of writing before the household wakes to wake up my mind and body and start the day in the direction I want to head in – a life filled with energy, goals and passion for life.

I hope you find what your buzz in life is and then work on it during the most tired points in your day. Your energy will sky rocket once you set-this up. I am sure of it. Good luck on finding your buzz!


2 thoughts on “Find that ‘buzz’ in your day

  1. I love it!!! Well written and absolutely true. Thanks for igniting a spark in me as of late I have grown quite stagnant ( for lack of a better phrase). I appreciate your energy and admire your aspirations. Thanks, be well. Continued success to you!!


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