Don’t lower your dreams


I realised the other day I was lowering my dream standards. I was wishing upon a star with my son and made my nightly wish to be able to continue to receive an income to write from home.

I realised I wasn’t been totally honest with myself. I didn’t just want to write certain pieces, I wanted to write more ebooks and short stories. I want to write stories that evoke inspiration and magic in people’s lives. Reading is a luxury these days so five minutes to making someone feel good is what I aim to do.

I realised my wish was to receive enough income to pay for my expenses but it wasn’t my full wish. I felt it was too big a wish already so why make it harder by wishing for my dream to be complete? The full dream is to be able to work from home, with the hours I need to do and write what I want to write about with the income I need to survive. I soon realised if I am to dream and wish for goals to come true, I need to focus on the entire dream. Otherwise I will continue to feel trapped in a place where I am not living in my dreams. And I have vowed to myself and taken the steps that I will do my best to never live life like that again.

Sometimes in life we get stuck, we follow the crowd and forget each day we are not chasing our dreams, our destiny that we are losing one more day to living a life we dream of. A life of freedom, self-discovery and achievement.

Be sure to not just dream a little, but include the lot. Include every detail you want to have come true, no matter how unbelievable seeing that dream come real. Because once you start implementing your dream in your thoughts, soon it will come through your actions and then it will come to life. You will be living your dreams. So why waste any more time, start dreaming about what you really want from life at this very moment.



4 thoughts on “Don’t lower your dreams

  1. This is fabulous. I agree with everything you’ve said on all counts. I honestly can’t even articulate the full reach of what my writing dream used to be anymore, but I think I need to start putting some thought into that, because you’re right: half dreaming will get me nowhere.

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