Looking back at 2012 …


Looking back at 2012 I am stoked to see how far I have come. The dream to be living off a full time wage as a writer as well as bring up my son have never escaped my thoughts. With this dream and motivation I have been able to push myself out of my comfort zone, follow an invisible path with no road map and come out feeling more alive than ever.

Here is what I started and achieved. Look at the below as goal posts and see how I began my paid writing career.
In 2012 I had no idea how to chase my dream as a paid writer.
In 2012 I started this blog and now have over 14,000 readership.
In 2012 I sourced freelance writing work and received regular paid work from February right through to December. I was writing in fields I had never written about before yet embraced the audience and content and learned much about what type of content and language drew more readership to the sites etc.
In 2012 I released my four years to write novel, Entice Me on Amazon.com and Smashwords.com of which I self-published and self-promoted.
In 2012 I spent four months solely on marketing Entice Me via free methods that gave me excellent coverage to mass audiences such as a 2 page feature in the Courier Mail which is the third largest newspaper distributor in Australia. As well as other newspapers, magazines, interviews and profiles. And please note marketing is still continuing.
In early 2012 I feared in 2013 I would be forced to return to my day job full time.
In mid 2012 I was receiving enough income from freelance writing to continue working part-time.
In late 2012 I realised I had achieved a great milestone in knowing that’I had come so far in chasing my dreams.
In 2012 a new printed publication took a chance on me and welcomed me to be their short story writer.
In 2012 I received awards and nominations for this blog, all of which I am grateful for.
In 2012 I created a network of writers from all around the world of which have not only helped promote my work yet now we are so close we are co-writing a book of short stories together titled 8 Slices of Cake, which will be released soon.
In 2012, I wrote and published 3 more ebooks for children, ‘Activities for Babies – when toys are not enough’, ‘Kids, write your own stories’ and ‘Annabelle’s Angels’.
I achieved the above and more and I am so proud of where I started at the beginning to where I am now. Looking back at what you have achieved in a year is incredibly uplifting to see how far you have come and how closer you are to achieving your goals.

You may read this and see it reads as if to boast, but what I would rather you do is to read it as if its a step by step goal sheet when working out targets to achieve your goals, especially if it is to earn a decent income from writing. It can be done and it can be achieved and I believe you can do it. There are so many different avenues to earn money through writing and what I suggest is to be as varied as possible. Write about as many different subjects and genres as you can to continue to receive more paid writing opportunities.


Follow your dreams

Good luck and send me your success stories in a years time!


4 thoughts on “Looking back at 2012 …

  1. Excellent!! You have done very well and have reason to be proud of yourself. Continued success in 2013 as you pursue your dreams. You are surely going places, I believe in you!! Congratulations.


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