Feel Free

I discovered something more about myself today, I am a free spirit.


I always have been but for years I pushed that side of me far away, believing nobody wanted to be around that person and that I had to grow up and leave that side behind.

But really now more than ever I feel like a free spirit. Now that I am following my true calling in life, to write and explore the world through imagination and share it with the world. I feel that I have broken down so many barriers and peeled away the layers of my being that now what remains is a butterfly ready to gracefully flutter about in all and many directions she sees fit. No more worry about what people think and leaving behind the haters instead of trying to please. For once I have put the confidence and support into me and have gone full steam ahead.

Now I break free from the shackles that I once let myself be tied up in by those who did not want me to succeed. I run fast into the wind and open my wings to glide in the air. Freedom has never looked brighter.

It is true, once you push yourself, face your challenges and push past those who have no interest in you. Once you realise that your ultimate dream in life is standing there waiting for you to take it and run with it in the wind. Then after the crazy journey you take and as your original self returns to be the person you knew you could always be. Then smile, spread your wings and reach even higher.


Yours sincerely,
Melanie Toye
The Butterfly Free Spirit
Writer and Author
And your Dream Motivator


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