Would you want to re-live your life?

Ok, so it’s getting late in the evening and this is when my brain starts ticking over into an entirely deeper side of me … this is when the BIG questions of life enter my mind … and this is when I wonder, should I listen or should I go to bed and deal with it another day?

So it seems I have experienced some things of late, which have me thinking …

The past year I have learned how to reconnect to my self – sounds strange right? I am talking about listening to my inner self as well as what my body needs to function. I have become so in tuned with myself (not boasting – just proud of how far I have come) that I can now know the answer to questions before I even finish asking myself the question.

For example,

I will ask myself “am I doing everything I need to do to be on the right path and achieve my goals.” ‘Yes’ the inner voice whispers. (and when I say whisper, I mean it’s not a voice noise perse it’s an answer that comes to my mind almost immediately without much thought – it’s a true mind/heart response before the fear/ego answers).

Questions such as “Is what I am eating controlling my energy levels.” “Yes and no. Sleep and exercise are also necessities.”

Now, it seems I get a warning prior to do something like if I drop water on the floor, the voice will say ‘clean it up now’ I then, due to tiredness, laziness and hunger I decide it can wait till after lunch. Then a few minutes later I will slip on it. ‘I should have listened’ I tell myself.

Then sometimes I do listen and things run smoothly.

I am starting to wonder … have I been here before? Living this life? And my past self is guiding me through to help a smoother ride?

This thought scares the hell out of me. I have never really thought much about reincarnation and really what human does know about what happens after death? … so I never really rule anything out. But most of the time, I try not to think about it.

But this thought, thinking about ground-hog day, living a life, the same life, over and over kind of makes me frustrated. Why would anyone want to live the same life again and again? Can’t we learn the same life lessons that we might need to learn from each life in a different setting?

But then the thought runs deeper – why would I not want to be the person I am? I could right now, run away from everything I knew but it would not change who I was.

I can say this, I am happy of who I am and the dreams I am chasing. Why would I not want to re-live this life again?

Perhaps it’s because there are so many different options one person can in life can live, one of a rock star or celebrity status, one on a mission to help and teach others, one who wants to bring their children up in a world full of imagination and magic. But then I think – why wait for another lifetime to live out a particular life? Why can’t some decide to wake up one morning and become a celebrity, change the world and nurture children? Or sail a boat around the most scenic locations or trek through undiscovered rainforests? Why do we perceive we are limited by the direction we are travelling.

I guess what I am trying to say is, if life is unsatisfactory at any time why do people not change it? If there is any part of your life that you do not like, including parts of your self, why not make steps to change it? Or if you want something that sounds completely crazy and total unreachable – why not aim for it? If we all spent a little time answering those big questions going through our minds then perhaps our daily soul-searching would reach to greater heights and we would live a fulfilled life.

I heard on the radio during the week, from Nova 105.9 FM that apparently there are two mid-life crisis points in life – 50’s and 70’s. Don’t get to 70 wishing you took time to change parts of your life. Get to 70 and think and what an awesome adventure I have had so far.


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