Learning together

What an eye opener I have had today, its amazing how real friends can help us get out of dissatisfied focus but inspire us to keep moving forward to keep pushing through.

I am so grateful that I have a true friend who realises when I need a push in the right direction, emotionally, mentally and physically.

I realised as much as parts of my life are travelling well, others have fell short of satisfactory and yet I have been deluding myself into believing – it’s all ok, its not that bad … it can wait. 

 I need to feel balanced, not only that but I need a clear head space to thrive in, so I can continue my dream in not only being a Mother, wife, writer but also inspire all who read my work to live a life they want and imagine a world where anything is possible, then strive to get it!

When my life is unbalanced, I lose sight of my goals, I get frustrated and ultimately am unhappy. It’s about keeping every part of living together that is key. No more excuses. Juggle if one must. But its time to get all aspects of my life (the parts that I need to and want) and work on it every day. Today I declare – as start a fresh day. Whatever you want to change in life – make time today to just think about it,brainstorm ideas about it and do something about it. My mantra is – each small step counts, don’t try  and achieve it all today – it’s ok you can steal it.

How would you change your life, if you had no more excuses to use?



2 thoughts on “Learning together

    • Yes, this friend is awesome … and rare to find, such a treasure. I asked the angels for some (dosmetic) help and the next morning I got a call ‘demanding’ a visit. My angel arrived at my door step. Not only assisted in helping me get my home back in order but helped inspire me and get my headspace back on track to success. I really need to thank this friend for being truly amazing.


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