Melanie Toye in the Courier Mail

Productive: Melanie Toye works from home as a freelance writer and mother. Picture: Angie Simms

Writing Herself Home

Melanie Toye lives with words.

A Brisbane-based freelance writer and mother of one, Toye has embraced online publishing from home and is now spending 20 to 25 hours a week building a freelance business.

“I have limited time to get things done and, while there are so many distractions online, I have so many deadlines with editors and clients that that always pushes me to make it happen,” she says.

ToyeΒ contributes to online mortgage, finance, retail and travel websites and has just published her first fictional ebook, Entice Me. She also blogs on how she has built up her freelance career, which is designed to inspire working mothers to follow their dreams.

“My one-year-old son was my motivation to get out there as a freelancer,” she says. “I wanted to stay home with him and teach him life through example.

“When I stopped work to start a family we were living on a lower wage anyway so that helped the transition to working from home.”

She earns $25 to $30 an hour but wants to build her business so it is not so reliant on writing.

She has designed an online, free author promotion Facebook page for local writers.

Visit www.melanietoye.wordpress.comΒ to follow Toye’s blog.


I was very excited to receive the call that the Courier Mail, the third largest newspaper in Australia wanted to do a piece on me and my writing. I just hope when you read the article that it makes you think about chasing you own dreams.


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