Finding me


Sometimes I wonder, am I the person I want to be?

And then the next question is who do I want to be?

Yes I am an Author and Writer, a Mum, a wife. But do these titles make me who I am?


Then who am I?

I am a woman who has so much power in herself to change her own direction and help show others how to change their own life paths.

I am a woman who is not defined by titles or positions yet by what I create that will manifest into others lives.

I am a woman who needs to not only feel alive, independent and free but also loved, cared for and valued.

Not only do I have goals, dreams and grand ideas of my plan for life. I have the absolute ability, talent and skill to achieve them.

I am ready.

But is it that simple?

Can I really be the person I want to be all the time, twenty-four hours a day?

Or is that just perfectionism trying to steal the joy out of being from underneath me?

I find when I am angry its due to various situations where my body is telling me I need something – food, water, sleep or just to stop thinking over and over again about a situation.

If I listened to my body and inner talk all day would I be the real me?

Or is perfectionism taking over again? Is it at all possible to be in control of one self at all times? And is that really being free? Locked in our own box.

What I do know is this …

I am not perfect. I will try to be perfect. I will work on attributes that I would like to be rid of on an ongoing basis and I will focus more on uplifting myself. Because why not be kind to oneself?

If I can appreciate who I am, how far I have come through growth and learning and stop blaming others for my minor troubles in life than surely I will be more the person I want to be every day.

And if I can be me then I can be free.

Let the inner child come forth as that is the voice that you must listen to when speaking the truth about yourself and your dreams.

I have feared for so long what people may think about me chasing my dreams, it sounds crazy, especially now when I have received so much support. But it was and sometimes still is a real fear, it can make me stop in my tracks and think no I shouldn’t do this, incase this person hears about it. But why? Why I am so scared to let people know my true dreams? There are an endless list of excuses and reasoning. All of which when faced with a possible situation like this, I face it head on and say ‘not this time.’ Fear or no fear, I want this. This is my dream. So I am going to do everything I can to work towards achieving it. People will hear about it along the way yet I should not feel ashamed for breaking free. No, I shall help show a path that all who take a chance will get a glimpse into what its like to be living your dreams. And then I only hope the glimpse will turn into a trial and then passion and excitement will let loose and freedom and success will surely follow.

Chase your dreams, make time to listen to your inner voice and just get out there and give it a go. What do you have to lose?



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