To be remembered


If you ask someone if that want to be remembered for something great, they will say of course. But finding that life purpose is a journey full of wonder, growth and challenges.

I often ask myself – is this where I want my life to be? Is this all that is? Am I really doing something that will impact on others lives and my own life that means something great?

People can blame the world for all the bad events and experiences. But blame will not help the dissatisifaction in life. Once we look beyond all that the ‘world’ holds dear and what the ego fights for. When we let all of that go, even just for a moment we gain a glimpse into what peace feels like. We are for that small moment, content.

Lately I have been struggling to just sit and let my mind be still. And each morning I have been waking up with a headache. This isn’t right. I am healthy, I have always been healthy. But I know its my body telling me there is something I am not addressing, that I keep pushing back in fear of facing it.

Yesterday, as I sat down and looked up to the glorious clear blue sky I was grateful for all that I had received. When it had occured to me the reason for my stress, the reason for the guilt I held and the reason why none of it mattered. Once ‘enlightened’ on the message a smile leashed out across my face. The answer was so simple and was right in front of me but if I had only taken a moment to really question what it was that was making me feel like this then I would not have endured days of mental pain.

I am grateful that when I don’t listen to my mind, my body forces me to stop and draw attention to what needs healing. And I am grateful that I finally listen.



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