Think outside the box

I am feeling emotional. I am not sure why. Is it tiredness? Is it something more? I want to feel happy and at peace yet can this really be felt all the time, every minute of the day?

I have dreams, I have lots of dreams, but I don’t have much time. None of us have much time. One day, hopefully we will grow old and then we will perish. Although this sounds glum, it makes me think …

How would I want people to remember me?

What stories will people tell their children and grandchildren about my adventurous life?

And then I look at my life right now. I love it. I really can’t say there is any part that I don’t enjoy. But … I still want more. I read that this is my ego trying to fight through my subconscious. But what if it isn’t? What if this thought-provoking exercise, causes a spark in my line of thinking and helps me discover some life changing event?

What if I could change my life instantly with a whole new way of thinking?

Currently we live in a box. The box includes everything we know now. But what if I step out of the box? What if I say … I want to experience this and I want that? Instead of saying but I can’t afford it or I don’t have the experience and so forth, because I am out of the box I am now limitless. I have no situation tying me down. So what am I going to do? Where will I begin? A whole new world has opened up to me, not only boundless opportunities but absolute confidence in oneself to achieve anything.

Why haven’t I been to this place before? Why haven’t I let myself reach for the skies before? Why have I put so much pressure on myself to live in the box when there is so much more I want to see outside of it?

As each new day begins I will now think what can I do today that is outside the box? Because who wants to live trapped inside all day? I am ready to rediscover life with a child’s wonder and imagination to life.


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