Who are you?

Who am I?

I am a person chasingΒ my dreams. Not only am I chasing my dreams, but I want to help others discover their dreams.

Dream chasing is not only a great way to enjoy the use of imagination, once you really feel the passion inside you and you know you must act on it at that very moment, you have touched on something very close to your heart.

We all have inner stirrings pushing us in directions that may seem foreign or scary to travel down. But through these opportunities and challenges we push ourselves, because we want to achieve it.

You get to a point in life, where no is not an answer. No will not help me. I will find a way around the reply to no. When you really know what you want in life, go for it. Don’t look at one way in how to get there, think out of the box, go where no man has gone before and you will find a route that is just for you to travel down.

I feel have gone through such a journey to get where I am today as a writer and now published author. I really have faced alot of inner confidence challenges as well as paths pointing in multiple directions and unsure which one to choose from. But through all of that, it makes my journey even more fulfilling, because I have learnt so much and I have grown. I have faced fear and said no you are not winning this time. This is what I really want and I will accomplish it.

Going for your dreams can not only be daunting, but once you just start working towards it, dedicting time to your goal daily. You will realise the road gets easier and easier. Your confidence builds and soon (and sometimes not too soon, took me quite a few years to get me where I am today) you will achieve your dreams. And guess what, then you create more dreams, you build taller walls to climb and you achieve even more than you originally set out to do.

My dream is to write, but not just write, but write stories that inspire others to take a leap of faith and go on a journey to transform their own lives.

Go on this journey with me, tell me all about it. Share this post to all those who need a little nudge to live their dreams.

Melanie Toye

Author of Entice Me

Available at: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008VBTWZO


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