My dreams have come true

I cannot believe the day has arrived, my very first incredible novel, Entice Me is now available on

This has been a tremendous journey and I want to thank everyone for their support and motivation. When I first began writing Entice Me (originally called, Desired Life, then changed to Secrets Unravelled and the final version now titled Entice Me) I had lost my entire work after my computer crashed. After trying to recover the files and only successfully recovering three chapters I took a break. Four months later someone reminded me to give it another go. So I did. And then I spent a couple of years playing the waiting game to hear a response back from publishers. And then I just took a break and focused on advancing my freelance writing career – which took off mind you. I am not sure what it was, but I re-read it again and I thought, this is a great story and one that must be shared. I speak with so many people who dislike their jobs but are too afraid to find their true passions in life. So I decided, let’s give it another shot. As many writers these days, self-publishing is an option to get our much loved books out to the world. And this is the option I have taken. Anyway enough of the background, I am so excited to share with you the release of Entice Me:

Entice Me, a fiction novel that will make you laugh, cry and inspire.

Entice Me Description

Miranda is the top recruitment consultant for Entice Consultancy, working long hours to achieve great results. From the outside she appears to have her life in order as a successful career woman. Yet a jealous rival is determined to do anything to take her down and soon Miranda’s life turns problematical.

Grace and Louise both met Miranda through work and lead interesting lives of their own. Grace a free spirit, falls in love with a man that appears to be perfect. When her true love goes missing her world soon falls apart. Louise’s eating disorder is pushed to the limit as is her marriage with Mike. Retirement and a new relationship seem like bliss until one night’s event changes everything.

Entice Me is a journey that explores life changing events that forces each woman to rediscover themselves and what they are seeking from life. Meltdowns, break-ups, love and laughter make Entice Me into an entertaining read.

Please support my dream in becoming an International Best Selling Author and buy my book and tell all your friends it is a must read. I greatly appreciate you helping my achieve my dreams.

Thank you, Melanie Toye

Entice Me is available at


One thought on “My dreams have come true

  1. I can only begin to imagine how disheartening it must have been to loose your work part way through and have to start again with only three chapters. It must have taken a lot of drive to get back on to it again. Well done for making your dreams a reality!


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