I want to change lives

You know how you have those moments in life, where you realise right at this moment what you have is great and the direction your life is heading is the path you want.

Now more than ever, I want to not only make a difference in someone’s life, touch someone’s life in a meaningful way but I want to change their life by motivating and inspiring them to be the person they want to be and to go forth and follow their dreams.

This is what I want from you, my lovely reader. I want the best for you in life. I want you to experience life in all its abundance. No more thoughts of if I spend this money I won’t receive any more. No, if you think like that, you won’t receive any more. Instead change your thought process to when I spend this money, more will flow. And trust that it will. Now I am not saying going on a massive spending spree, spending more than you have. No I am just saying stop the negative self talk. And money is a huge negative in many people’s lives. But itΒ doesn’t have to be.

Negative self talk is also damaging. I can’t do this, and telling others they can’t do it (even to your kids) is not going to give you (or others) the confidence to go forth in life and live and explore. Because who set all the rules anyway? The fearful. The fearful people who didn’t want to try something due to fear of the unknown. Now obviously there are certain things you shouldn’t do, because it could be dangerous. But take those elements out for a moment, and just focus on what tasks you tell yourself every day that you can’t do. And do it. Everytime you think I can’t lose weight because I am too big. Find a way to do it. Excuses are for the lazy minded. You are not lazy. You are magnificant. You are talented and you are amazing. I believe in you. Do you?


When you look within yourself and listen, just listen. Your true beauty will come forth. The more you listen to what your heart truely desires and then act on it, the brighter your light will shine.


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