Be present


I’ve been doing some reading and really feel like with all that is whirling around me – family, goals, work, friendships and home life – that now more than ever I need to learn to be present.

It isn’t as easy as sometimes when a part of me wants to feel stressed or wants some ‘drama’ in life. And I hear you say? Who wants that? I’ve got enough of that in my life already I wouldn’t wish for more. I thought this as well, until in the moment of absolute chaos and feelings of stress I remembered to be present. As soon as I stopped all the craziness in my mind all the drama ended. A very small part of me wanted it to continue. Obviously though, I felt my eyes had lifted. That my life really wasn’t to complain about, but to be thankful for.

I am learning to not stress about preparing for events and not worrying about running around the house trying to get everything done before we leave for an appointment. No, it’s about being present. When you are present, you are calm. Nothing cannot be worked out. Obviously one can still be organised but stressing about getting tasks down is just the emotion we add unnecessary.

It works for the same of running past events through your mind over and over. Letting go of the past or troubled thoughts is a simple act of being present. This sounds all too complicated, but trust me just noticing the negative thought will stop the emotion attached and help you think of a new thought to counteract it. For example, going over and over a previous conversation you had with some one that you found was the other person was acting mean-spirited. When a thought of the conversation arises, notice it and say I heal the situation with love and peace. And then think of something that you would like to happen. I.e. The next time I see this person I want to not feel undervalued.

Everything takes practice, but trust me if you start doing this today, your life will soon be filled with more happiness and abundance of joy from the positive thoughts you focus your intention on. Just start with one nagging issue in your life and do the above exercise over the course of the week. At the end of the week think about how you now feel towards the situation. 

Being present in life, reminds you how to live. Living in the moment is the greatest gift we have. Change the direction of your future by letting go of your past and focusing on your life right now.



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