Have you ever been talking with someone and all of sudden the person you are in conversation with says something absolutely outrageous and out of context that you can’t help but burst out laughing? And in that moment that is the funniest comment you have heard, so much so that you continue to laugh. Depending the closeness of your connection you either apologise while stifling giggles, because the person really believes their comment was a factual. Or you just laugh and shake your head, explaining that perhaps they need to look into that aspect a little bit further.

This happened to me this morning, my husband and I were talking lightly about a random subject when he said something and I burst into laughter. I replied with “what? Honey, that is just not true.” “It is.” He said wide-eyed. I laughed some more while shaking my head. To make a point, my husband said, “then Google it.” If anyone ever is in a battle for the truth, searching the answer on Google obviously is the only way to find the correct answer on the subject.

Whether his original statement was true or not is irrelevant. From the spontaneous outbreak of laughter brought my mind to the present moment, away from my tired body that just wanted to crawl back under the bed covers, to just feeling happy with what the new day would bring. Every time I thought about our earlier conversation, I couldn’t help myself but smile.

Sometimes, we all need someone or something to wake us out of our daily morning routine or glum mood, to have a feeling of fun and spontaneity.

Whatever you set out to do today, ensure you meet with someone who always makes you smile.



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