Believe your dreams are important


You know when you’re on the right path when everything starts to happen. I don’t think it comes easy, but it’s your drive to make it happen that causes the effect.

I have found instead of worrying if someone will like my pitch or idea for a new project. I submit what I think will work best and if the response is no, then I know to find another solution. But if I never submit it because I am too fearful of receiving the ‘no’, then I will never grow and learn and ultimately get closer to my goal.

Self belief in oneself is paramount when walking down your new direction. But don’t be too hard on yourself if your confidence doesn’t grow from the get go. Focus on every small achievement as if it was a major one. It keeps you excited and motivated to keep going in that direction. People want to be recognised for their efforts and sometimes we need to be the ones congratulating ourselves. Waiting for approval from others will take a very long time for you to see results. Instead focus on believing in yourself and your dreams and take any comments from others as a bonus.

Let go of others expectations that you have built up in your mind and free yourself.

Let yourself explore your dreams without the burden and control of what you think others may be thinking of your new venture.

It is time to really live out your dreams. It is never too late. And your dream is never too far away from achieving it.

You just have to believe.



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