Letting go

As some of you know, for four years I owned, managed and ran in its entirety, my online dance business, called Dance Phenomenon.

I loved my business, as it held an unlimited amount of possibilities. Each month as I sat down to brainstorm on improvements, new products and fresh marketing tactics I was always surprised at the amount of ideas that flowed from pen to paper.

As time went on, I became a Mother and my real dream career – becoming a paid writer, started to take off. Dance Phenomenon was pushed to the back of the pile of my long lists of tasks to compete. Every time I thought about pulling the plug, a new opportunity with Dance Phenomenon presented itself. However with the mounting pressures of my workload, I have to let go of my online dance business. I love dance, I love promoting dance and more importantly I love to see people grow from what dance brings into their lives.

But as much as dance is apart of my younger years, my writing path is much more part of who I am now. Holding on to a childhood dream isn’t who I am right now, so to follow it is not going to be as fulfilling.

Letting go of what I thought I wanted and once I made that step in closing the business down. I felt free. Not trapped. Which is always been a sign for me that I have made the right choice.

What is trapping you in life? Set yourself free today and focus on who you are as a person right at this moment. Because who you are now, is much more important than who you were ten years ago. You have grown and have learned many lessons in becoming who you are today. Be proud of you. Because right now, you are perfect.

To all my dance fans and supporters, thank you so much for going on my dance entrepreneur journey. I hope to continue to hear your achievements and more importantly that you are following your dreams, as I am mine.



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