There is a reason

There any many people claiming they know how the world began. As time travels, as people’s lives begin to fill up with tasks, we forget to just sit and be present. On the odd occasion, something will pop up, a reminder that there is a reason we are here on earth. There is a reason we are alive today. There is a reason that we are all unique. There are questions, many questions that may continue to go unanswered for a very long time. How did we evolve?

I have often wondered on numerous occasions, why there are so many people in the world? We all live in our own lives, yet we require others to assist us through our stages through life. Loneliness disappears when a friend pops over by surprise. Happiness evolves when you think of a past memory with someone close you shared. And laughter erupts when something absolutely funny happens between you and another. And don’t forget love. Love with once an unknown stranger now shares part of you, your future and your happiness.

The reason I sometimes need this reminder, that people need people. Is because I used to try so hard to achieve tasks on my own and if I had asked some one to help the task would be so much easier.

I also have to believe, that there is a reason there are so many people sharing this world together at any one time. I believe there is something that unites us all. That one day something will happen, where instead of seeing a stranger walk past, we will see a person with a full future ahead of them enjoy their present life.

I know it sounds strange. But when you see someone walk past, you might smile, you might simply ignore them. But have you ever wondered how do they live? Even though you do not know them, they are living just as an important journey in life as you. So why do we not take the time to learn more about each other?

I once read that we are born at a all different levels in spirituality, happiness, and life experience. This makes sense to me, as you need role models to teach, you need people to compete with to help motivate you to push forward towards your goal. All in all – you need people to surround yourself with.

Be sure to surround yourself with people who are kind, friendly and loving. Don’t waste your time on those who only berate you, compete in a negative way with you and make you feel unhappy after you meet with them. Your time on this earth is far too precious.



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