Reclaiming the old while bringing in the new

Today is a new day, a day for transition.

A day to reclaim the old and bring in the new.

Hard feelings put aside as a year of growth and change has transitioned me. Although others may not have changed, I have. And I will treat those with respect and kindness. Fearing the known is no longer a hindrance to me. I am confident for I know I can and have changed. Although what I am about to experience has most likely stayed the same. I will not fall prey to my old attitude towards living. I will not even remember those past memories that have been buried deep; I have dealt with the past. And even though I am retracing those steps, it is with a new me that I carry.

It may be a little shocking but it doesn’t mean I have to change who I am to fit into the mould. People will fall in love with the real me. Change is coming. And I am going to be the one who brings it.
I spent hours wondering what I was to learn for returning here. But perhaps I am here as a presence to show others there is another way to live life, a happier way.

It is time to explore oneself and what you love. Current circumstances do not mean we need to let it take hold of our lives. There is so much more to living.

I will keep this in mind when the road becomes rough. I will stay strong. But most importantly I will stay true to me.


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