When change comes knocking …

Sometimes in life, future anticipated events can appear daunting. You know change is knocking on your door. But you don’t want to answer. Not because your afraid, but because you are happy with your current way of living. You are comfortable.

Personally the bigger the fight I place on change, the longer it takes me to settle into the new lifestyle. Generally, I love change. I love when I can explore new horizons, let my ideas run wild. I get all giddy inside. There have only been one or two major life changes that I felt were forced upon me with a gust of speed. I fought for a long period with this change, not willing to accept it. But from those changes I know that I wouldn’t have met the people I was intended to meet to make my life whole, or experienced those emotions that I needed to feel in order for me to find out more about me and what I want from life.

So although I know change is about to occur quite forcefully in my life in the next few weeks. I also know that if I put my worrying thoughts aside and focus on what is happening right now, at this very moment in my life. Then the meaning I have put towards that major life change, dimmers quietly in the background. And when the time comes, when I am forced to face it, I know that the change may appear unforgiving at first, but once I work out my boundaries, and push my elbows on the edges to test its strength, that I will soon have no more to worry about. And it will be just like another day in my life. I will still be me. I will still have the same dreams. I will still strive for living the life I want.

And I ask that you do the same when your big life change sticks its head up from the lovely enjoyable life you were living. Because change is what grows us and makes us who we are. You are a strong human being. You can achieve anything and you can be pushed and prodded all the way till you get to your destination. Hold your head high and know that you can do it.

And you will.


5 thoughts on “When change comes knocking …

  1. I just happened to come across your post by chance which led me to your blog. The message conveyed is one that eerily coincides with my life at this moment. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you.


    • Thank you Patty I really do appreciate your feedback and support. Good luck in your current life changes, I am sure everything will work out in your favour. Just remember to take time out and focus on yourself. Melanie xo


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