Feeling on top of my game

I have to say I am feeling good. Scrap that. I am feeling great! I am living my dream life right now. It may change in a few weeks, but right at this very moment my life is heading in the direction that I want it to be.

Do you ever just sit down, close your eyes and think about all the great things in your life that you are enjoying at this very moment. It always amazes me how much I have going on that is really what I want to experience. People I meet also bring me great joy. Especially when they motivate me to be the person I want to be and help me continue towards the pathway of my dreams.
Have you ever met someone who you just connected with? I find I have friends that meet all my different needs in life.

I am someone who has many projects on at once. Some people says its chaotic, others wonder how I can focus on so many different areas every day. But the truth is I have been doing this my entire life. I used to go to school, come home and play with friends, dance in the evening and fit in homework on the ride to school. Now I look after my child, work on my online dance business, write, clean, cook and most importantly look after my beautiful son when he is awake and work on new ideas each day. I find that I have so many great ideas that I just want to jump right into them. Every day at least one idea comes bouncing out and I want to work on it straight away. And then I think – whooah, hold on a minute, what about the hundred other tasks I need to focus on today. It’s called – organisation. I could not live my life without being organised. I work out my top priorities for the day and know if I achieve them then I have achieved what I really want from life. Of course sometimes the cleaning slips …. but when does cleaning ever go away?

So how does one juggle all their areas of life? For me I want to make time for my husband, my son, my dogs, writing, dancing, exercise, baking, cleaning oh and don’t forget having a social life!! I recently watched a movie titled ‘I don’t know how she does it’, starring Sarah Jessica Parker. I realised this is me and probably most mothers out there trying to juggle a career, family and time for self. I was hoping at the end it would provide me with some secret on how to stay on top of everything. Nope. It seems life continues to be a juggling act. I am not complaining, because then I think if I wasn’t married I would spend all my time cleaning my house. And then I would think, ‘did I really just think that?’ What an exciting life to have a clean home but have no one to share it with. So it all comes back to priorities. Yes I may never have the cleanest house among my family, but I accept that and know that having fun with my family is so much more important. (By the way I just want to add, I don’t live like a pig, I do clean! I just have it lower on the life important fun list).

What are your daily priorities? You might be surprised what smaller tasks you jump into each day when really the bigger more life fulfilling tasks are pushed to the end of the list.


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