Seeking writing positions

Hello all,

I am seeking a freelance writer position, either creative writing, blogging or writing online content. My experience lies in creative writing, inspirational, self help, business, goal setting, dancing, parenthood, writing tips, homemaker and cooking. If you have any writing role that matches the above areas, please contact me for a sample of my work. Otherwise view the categories on my blog page.

I am seeking to get in touch with other writers, people who are aspiring to tackle a change of career – their dream career. Editors and publishers who are seeking unique and expressive creative works. As well as business owners wanting to make an impact with their online content or marketing promotions.

I want to turn my dream career as a writer into a regular income, so any type of writing tasks that you have please contact me at to discuss further. Many thanks and have a fabulous day.

~ Melanie Toye

Recent achievements
# Feature article and news freelance writer for Australian Mortgage Managers. (
# My blog post titled ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’ was published on Business Chicks website. (

You can contact me via the below methods:
Facebook –
Twitter –
Linkedin –
Email –


5 thoughts on “Seeking writing positions

  1. Hi Melanie,
    My name is Rache I want to find out how I can start freelance writing as I studied jpurnalism and have a daughter too.
    I love your work.
    Cheers Rachel Shard
    0409 669 647


    • Hi Rachel
      Thank you for taking time to find out more about freelance writing .The best tip I can give you – is to contact potential clients daily and move on if they say no. Many clients are either seeking a writer but unsure where to find them or will have an opportunity in a few months time. My motivation is to work from home to be with my son. If you have a strong enough motive you will get out there and get networking. Good luck, I would love to hear how it all goes.


  2. Cool thanks kindly for the advice plus I wanted to say I love your website.Your website is so good and your so pretty!Do you mean ring local papers and big companies such as electrical and law firms etc?
    Cheers Rache


  3. Many thanks Rachel for your show of support! Love it. And thank you for your compliment, you are so sweet. Any companies that you would be interested in writing for. For example, I enjoy writing and reading about finance, I wrote for mortgage and tax businesses. Also love holidays and wrote travel articles for an online holiday business. Think about what industry you enjoy, and contact those businesses direct. Don’t forget if they say no, don’t be discouraged just keep asking more potential clients for work. : )


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