The one thing we do have in life is time.

Some say we don’t have any control over time. And that is some what true. But what we do have control over is how we spend our time, how we negotiate the meaning of each second, every minute to be of what is important to us.

And yet it can be easy to take time for granted. We think about all the tasks we need to accomplish once our child falls asleep, not realising the precious moments we are missing by not focusing on our child at that very moment.

The time we waste going over in our minds what someone said that we didn’t agree with. When really a difference of opinion is what makes us all unique.

And the precious time our special loved one gives to us, telling us about their day and we are ‘thinking’ about something else when really we should be listening and providing the attention they deserve.

So why do we let life go by and focus on the things that do not matter? Working in a job that does not satisfy? Being involved in a relationship that is against our own values? Whingeing about the simple things instead of being grateful for the wonderful things happening around us?

Life is to be enjoyed, lived and explored.

Yes we do not always control our thoughts or the pathways to our destiny. But we do control this moment. This second in life. How do you want to live it?


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