I am chasing my dreams, are you?

I want to achieve greatness.

I want to follow my heart in all endeavours of life.

I want to reach for the stars and aim even higher.

I want to make a difference to people I know and don’t know. To people who I have met and to whom I have never met.

I want to feel free.

I know the journey is a much greater experience of joy than claiming the dream. But I want to experience both. I want the journey and the happy ending. Because I know once I achieve my dreams, then I can create more incredible dreams.

What an amazing life to live, when dreams are continually created and achieved.

And with each dream I achieve, my confidence in myself builds. My trust in that small inner voice, grows. My dreams become bigger, more far fetched and even more enticing. Because why dream when the dream you are chasing doesn’t excite you?

Why live a life that doesn’t fulfil you?

No longer will I deprive my spirit of what I truly want in life.


Freedom to explore my inner self, my creativity, my vest for life. Yes its all about me. But why shouldn’t it be?


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