New Beginnings

Be gently with yourself Melanie.

Be kind and loving.

Don’t overwhelm yourself with negative, destructing thoughts today.

Don’t worry yourself.

All is well. All is ok.

It is with these reminders that unite us, remind us of the life we are yet to live out and the dreams we are to follow.

Don’t forget who you are and what you have become. For years down the track you will realise how far you have come. Through determination, persistence and focus you have achieved what you want.

Let your zest for life bring you strength. Yet at the same time, be true to yourself. Take time out to reconnect. You are a limitless being.

Now that you have shown me that you are at peace, I feel joy and light. Thank you. Thank you for showing me that this world is not a dark place. My life is to be celebrated. Joy is always near. And if I ever need to remind myself of this, all I need to do is look inside me.

My tears which started as sadness and loss now feel light and filled with happiness. You have shown me great love and passion of life. I hope to only continue what you started.
No longer do I feel afraid. No longer will I accept a life any less than what I want.


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