Is there really treasure at the end of a rainbow?

As a child we are told of the fantasy of what lies at the end of a rainbow. It seems this metaphor also relates to life. We always want more, strive for more. But when do we get to a point and say enough. This is what I want; now I’ve got it.

Once we arrive to our destiny, we change our stars again and begin a new journey. This is the cycle called life. I believe there is nothing wrong with this. We need to continually grow mentally and physically. We need to challenge ourselves all the time to reach and achieve new heights. So why do people live each day the same? Why do people go out of there way to accept the mundane activities and not challenge one self? Does it really come down to fear? Why follow the herd when they do not know where they are going themselves?

Be brave; take the first step in discovering who you want to be. Challenge yourself in what you desire to obtain. You can achieve anything. So why not achieve what you want from life?

What are you waiting for?

Never give up the hunt, in following your true heart’s desires. Go find the treasure at the end of the rainbow.


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