No turning back

It has taken me 7 months to put my past world behind me and let it go. Even though I didn’t want to return, there was apart of me not ready to truly let go. This fear was stopping my plans and focus for the future. Every time I worked on a project, in the back ground I would think ‘what about when I return to my old life.’

It has taken me 7 months to build the confidence I need to believe in my future and my dreams. To believe my dreams can turn and will turn into reality very soon.

It has taken me 7 month s to put the dots together and work out how I can help others, create meaning in my life and follow my aspirations all at the same time.

It has taken me 7 months to put aside all the reasons why I should go after my dream for others, when I realised the real reason why I need to do this for me.

It has taken me 7 months to come to this point in my life, where the now and my future are what unite me with my dreams. Where receiving a message from a stranger telling them I touched their lives through my writing is incredibly enriching. Yes, I have received thanks before but nothing for what I was truly passionate about.

I am grateful that I can now spend time with the people I love and receive joy from, each and every day. It has taken me 7 months to really feel and appreciate the real joys in life. No more excuses for letting life slide by because time goes too quickly for real change. No more living each day by accepting anything less than my values.

Today – this is my day. Right now. This is the best time of my life.

My dreams do come true


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