Have you ever felt truly free?

It’s incredible when you take out the negative distractions such as work, bad relationships etc. You end up with this freeing feeling. You’re living on this high energy. And then after a while you think now what? It’s not that I am bored and want to return to the mundane; too busy, negative way of life I used to live. No, it’s much different from that. Every day I wake up and think how am I going to live my life today? It’s very liberating.

However it does make me feel somewhat uneasy. And I believe this is because I am experiencing a new feeling that I have never truly felt before, or at least since I was a child. And when I feel this emotion, this freeing of self, where I can literally create the life I want, it is powerful.
Now that I have let my spirit come alive and have discovered the real me, I am ready for more adventures. But more importantly I am ready to discover a way I can help others find their freedom. Now I believe I just discovered my life purpose.

It’s incredible what following your dreams can do to your soul. I suggest you try it.


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