Twilight story contest

Entered a short story competition. The contest – to write about the moment Charlie and Sue’s relationship went from friendship to something more. (From Twilight Saga).

Here is what I submitted below:

As I watch Charlie sit down in front of the TV. I cannot help but feel warmth surround me. It seems as natural as the world moves around us. Our bond for each other has grown more and more each day. I cannot believe how fast this has happened. Yet, time feels as though it has stopped.
When Charlie and I began to spend more time with each other, I never would have guessed, we would be more than friends. I remember when so much was happening in both our lives. I dropped by with a steak dinner. With Bella gone, the man wasn’t eating well. I began to visit more and more often. Of course the cooking was just an excuse.
I am not sure at what point I realised that it wasn’t just the cooking I enjoyed. It was the company that Charlie provided. Not just from loneliness but from something more.
I will never forget how after enjoying the Grilled Trout with Lemon-Caper Mayonnaise dinner, Charlie looked up from his meal and said in a nervous tone, “Sue, I am not sure what protocol I should follow. I know Harry was the love of your life. And I am not here to replace him. But I was wondering if you would like to” He looked down shyly before continuing. “Be more than friends. “ He looked up at me with a sparkle in his eye.
“Oh Charlie” I said teary. I stood from my chair and walked over to him, to receive a warm embrace.

To view the link visit:!/pages/Stephanie-Meyer/89036104825


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