Keeping positive

Have you ever come to a road block?

You have so many ideas, so many thoughts, so much to do. But no time???
Where does one begin? What does one focus their energy on?
So much creativity, so much fun.
Yet the energy falls, deep and fast, into something uninspiring. You walk around moody, dragging your feet wherever you go. Your nervous energy has you on edge. And whatever you do, nothing seems to make you laugh.

How did this happen?
You have always been a positive person. Did you just wake up one morning and think it’s all too much?
But you’re not a quitter. You battle with your negative thoughts all day, pouring all your energy into fighting off the bad vibes.
When it suddenly occurs to you, you have the gift.
The gift of life.
You can create your life exactly the way you want it to be.
Your energy changes, your spirits lift. You write down all your ideas. You begin to plan.
Instead of trying to tackle everything at once, you put a timeframe against each task.
You have so many ideas, your energy is buzzing.
After you finish your list, you take a break. You drink herbal tea, because let’s face it, one of your goals is to start living a healthy life.
You realise just how grateful you are. You shake your head at the feelings you had previously, the negativity that surrounded you. You accept that in order to move on, you had to experience it. In order to achieve greatness you had to walk along the depths of sadness. But now that’s the past.
It’s time to live. Time to create; create the life you always dreamed of.


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