Dancing is natural

It is interesting how many people I meet who believe they have come to a specific age which they feel time has now passed to follow their dreams. And perhaps they feel being an adult means it is childish to have dreams.

Just one of the things I love to do is dance. I believe anyone can dance. And I have proven this many times, over and over. I have taught people who have never danced in their lives to not only dance, but dance well and to perform! So it surprises me when someone who has danced for most of their childhood fears to return to dance after so many years. Dancing is natural, it is a part of us that allows our soul to be set free. Yet we hide behind fear. Scared of rejection.

I believe this also comes from the urge to be perfect. As a ballerina, one strives for perfection. Yet does one ever get there? And what does one class as perfection? Someone could perform purely from their heart, perhaps not be as great a technical dancer as someone more experienced. But the performance would move anyone watching. Why? Because this person knew that letting one’s emotion be expressed is a true form of art. They have released fear of not being good enough, and fear of not being liked and just danced.

Think about something that you have held yourself back from? What is stopping you from proceeding? I could list thousands of reasons. Yet if we take away the fear and transfer this emotion to belief. Belief in oneself. Now tell me what do you want to achieve?

Dream big. But don’t just dream. Do it.


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