Imagination is key

It makes me sad that somewhere along the way, we stop imagining what our lives could be like, where our vacations could be, what our dream home and job would be. A time where we would not give our mind any limits to our thoughts. Somewhere along the way we accept a lesser kind of reality. We believe there is only so much one can achieve and acquire. If only we didn’t stop and listen to the people who ridicule our creative ideas, because they are too fearful to really focus on what they want in life.

If only we took time out of our day-to-day dream, just for fun. Let you thoughts run wide. Get creative. Think BIG.

Where would you go?
What are you doing?
Who is with you?

I have many dreams and aspirations, I don’t know how I am going to achieve them, but this does not concern me.
I know that if it is something I want to experience, no matter how crazy or unrealistic my dream is. If I keep my dream alive by imagining me living it each day. Then the day will come where my journey has arrived to my fantasy destination in real life.


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