Put Yourself First

I find it interesting that we spend the majority of our day doing tasks that do not work towards our true desires. Including travelling to and from places, working in unattractive environments, socialising with people that are not necessary similarly influenced by what we are seeking from life. Aas well as the usual hated tasks such as cleaning and cooking that awaits for us when we arrive home. And then after a full days worth of unfulfilling tasks, we have kept ourselves so busy that we are too exhausted to work on our dreams.

So is ten minutes really enough each day to spend on our goals? I guess its the same philosphy as mentioned in Robert Kiyosaki’s book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ advising to ‘pay yourself first’. I say, ‘put yourself first.’

Each morning wake up and give thanks for everything you currently have that brings you joy in your life. So already you are starting the day with a bright attitude. Then ask yourself what should I focus on today that will help me gain one step closer in achieving my dream goal? This way, the action is not too big a leap that it becomes daunting to even begin. Also once you achieve this small action, you will feel a buzzing feeling.

Feeling great about achieving your goals and achieving the steps towards your goals, is a pleasurable experience. And should take the focus off the negative vibes around you that you are out of your control.

So is ten minutes enough to spend on working towards your dreams? Ask yourself this daily and then figure out how you can ‘put yourself first’ more.

Have a great day,



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