Battles of a new title

Why is it so hard to create a title that is catching, enticing and sales worthy? I can write full length novels. Yet to come up with a simple title always stumps me. I continue to put off the dreaded task till I reach the end of my story. And then procrastination kicks in. I do everything but list the title. I just call it book 2 or book 3. Once the story is complete I will spend days, weeks and sometimes months brainstorming for the perfect title.

Perhaps it is my perfectionist ways that has me so against deciding on a title. As I never feel truly satisified with my final chosen title. 

Right at the beginning I throw it in the too hard basket because the pressure of having the best title is all too much.  I mean really, a title not only draws the reader in, but it is the front page of the book. The front page is the sales advert. If you don’t get your advertising right, then who will buy it? If the title does not entice, question and draw the reader in, why would they purchase your book?

And so here I am, battling the title of this post.


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