Is self publishing the new way to go?

The question on my lips is – is self publishing the new way to go?

Publisher’s have been the main avenue in getting a novel published. But now where the internet provides anything and everything, are publisher’s being thrown to curb when an author turns to self publishing?

Benefits of self publishing are huge. By having the opportunity to receive more royalities than if you were to go through a publisher, is a massive bonus. Because at the end of the day – it’s about how much you can acquire to support your time in writing your next novel. 

The pit falls of self publishing are also just as big. For example if you don’t promote your book you won’t sell very many. But even if you did get your novel published by a publisher. You still have to do alot of marketing yourself to gain sales.

So what is the best way? Well I am currently investigating all avenues. It seems to me though, it’s not how you get published but rather how you build mass interest in your novel.

Marketing your novel is going to bring you sales and build your fan base. I personally would love to hear your thoughts on what are your most successful marketing tips?


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