About my chick lit novel

Seeking all editors and publishers. Below are details regarding my novel Secrets unravelled. Please read and if you are interested or know of a publisher who would be interested, please contact me at melanie.toye@hotmail.com.

To all my fans thank you for supporting me and my dream in becoming an International Best Selling Author.

Secrets unravelled is a chick lit novel compelled to give a fun, romantic, inspiring read invoking drama throughout.

Below is a small snippet from Secrets unravelled:

“Oh no, you’re getting me back for the other day aren’t you? I told you, it wasn’t my idea.” Miranda looked around. “Ok, where is she?” Miranda asked.

“Where’s who?” Grant asked a tad confused.

Miranda rolled her eyes then giggled, “The naked woman that you want me to paint.”

Grant roared with laughter. “Honey, as much as I am glad you are open to me bringing home another woman. Here is what you are to paint today.” He took off his clothes and stood with hands on his hips, naked.

About Secrets unravelled:

Miranda is the top recruitment consultant for Entice Consultancy, working long hours and weekends to achieve great results. When news comes to light of a major fraud investigation all fingers point to Miranda. How can Miranda prove her innocence
when no one believes her story? Contemplating how she will live in a jail cell, Miranda escapes from the suspected criminal life and travels to Spain. Being followed by an old rival, Miranda’s French lover whisks her away to France treating her to the high life. Miranda soon discovers he has been hiding his family’s high social status and wealth. Reality soon fronts Miranda as she realises her past cannot be outrun. The court verdict is delivered, will Miranda be found guilty or innocent?

This story isn’t just about lies & deceit. Grace & Louise are Miranda’s best friends living interesting lives of their own.

When Grace discovers there is a high chance Miranda is involved in the major fraud, she begins distancing herself. Sally, a secret conspirer against Miranda, persuades Grace to track down Miranda to apologise, creating further chaos. Grace returns
home from Spain and falls in love with a large St. Bernard dog that lures her to Mr Perfect. Grace’s world soon falls apart when
Mr Perfect goes missing.

Louise’s eating disorder is pushed to the limit as is her marriage with Mike. After a short stay in hospital, Louise escapes her home life by returning to work. Ray, her boss, rushes in and confesses his secret love for her. Louise discovers a whole new life with Ray. But what’s his secret? Ray is still working when he is supposed to be retired. Louise discovers an act that portrays her trust and
relocates to France alone. In a desperate time Louise calls the only man she has ever trusted. Will she finally be with the man that she was always meant to be with?

Sally portrays the jealous, career destroying, superficial, work colleague. Not satisfied with her attempts at obliterating Miranda’s career. She has one final master plan – destroy Miranda’s wedding.

Secrets unravelled is a fictional novel exposing real life issues including eating disorders, relationship meltdowns, career downfalls and day to day challenges.

I hope Secrets unravelled sounds like a novel you would be interesting in reading.

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